Quality lawn maintenance

Professional care: aeration, top dressing, mulching, cutting, processing and other services.
High-quality decorative design of the site requires a specific and professional approach. If everything is more or less clear with the design of the type of fountains, shrubs, then here is the main reason - the lawn requires special high-quality care.
Lawn maintenance

For the lawn, special seeds were bred from different grasses, at present there are different lawns, these are sports lawns, and curtain, and flowering, etc., the best option is selected for each case, but in any case, the lawn needs good care.

Lawn fertilizer Nikolaev

In order for the grass cover of the lawn to look well-groomed and full of strength, it must be fertilized. This is done several times a season - in early spring and mid-summer. Experts do not recommend feeding plants with nitrogen fertilizers in early August, since in this case they may not have time to prepare for the winter period.
Phosphorus fertilizer is applied three times - in spring, summer and autumn. Potassium should be supplied to plants during the entire period when shoots are actively formed; in the autumn, potassium will help plants better prepare for winter and endure frosts.

Lawn mowing Nikolaev

Lawn mowing is a very important factor. It allows not only to create an appearance, but also it is an excellent method of weed control. The mowing procedure allows the plants to bush, form additional shoots, which ultimately creates a dense turf.
It must be remembered that for the grass this is stress, for the lung plant this procedure will only be transferred if only a third is cut off. The first big mowing should be carried out when the soil is already dry and the grass reaches a height of 7-10 cm. If the mowing is done late, the lower part of the plant will be illuminated, and a sudden change in lighting can lead to wilting and even death of the lower parts of the plants. If you are all so late from mowing, then overgrown plants need to be mowed in cloudy weather or late in the evening.
The first time the grass is mowed no more than 1 cm. During subsequent mowing, the mower blades can be used lower and lower. Do not leave your lawn unmowed in the winter, as this will not only spoil the appearance of the lawn, but also make it difficult to care for.
In order for the plants not to weaken from frequent mowing, take breaks, let the grass periodically grow up to 7 centimeters.

Lawn aeration Nikolaev

In order for the appearance of the lawn to be fresh and blooming, it is necessary to carry out an aeration procedure, which implies saturation of the soil with oxygen.

As a rule, aeration is carried out once a year during the period of rapid growth of grass, but under certain conditions, for example, with a high load on the lawn, up to 3 times aeration may be required per year. A lot depends on the weather: during a long dry period, aeration will help improve water exchange in the soil or vice versa rid the lawn of excess moisture during the rainy season. Areas that are especially in need of saturated air are immediately visible: they often turn yellow, the grass on them looks lethargic, sometimes overgrown with moss. To check the condition of the lawn, you need to cut a small piece of turf and inspect it. If the roots of the grass go into the soil no deeper than 5 cm, then it's time to aerate.

The best tool for home use is a regular fork, as they have undeniable advantages, both in terms of space and utility. It is not enough just to pierce the earth to a certain depth, you also need to pay it off by breaking the layer inside the soil, this is done by tilting the fork handle towards you. It is enough to go in increments of 10 cm, to the depth that you can pierce (7 - 10 cm).

In all controversial situations with the lawn, the first rule is to take the pitchfork. In professional lawn maintenance, machines with a similar algorithm of actions are used, such an operation as "spiking" is called, and in the event that a hollow tooth is used, which takes out a column of soil to the surface - "corring". Cutting the sod to a considerable depth with special, strong knives - "slicing". Another type of aeration is deep fracturing, using Air2g2 with air or water, under high pressure (5000 bar), to a depth of up to 30 cm, while the air speed reaches almost 1000 km/h, on the principle of which shale oil is extracted.